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Abner Brown seems to be just one old-style barbershop which is embedded into the Southern Dublin neighborhood of Rathmines amongst pubs and local shops; but in there, his owner decided to mix his way of living with another of his passions in life, music. That is something that you can quickly spot, as the place has an exceptional decoration on its walls between scissors, lotions and cut-throat razors.

The idea of featuring concerts in a barbershop would be crazy, but in here it becomes real, open to everyone, friendly and with no alteration in the local community’s balance of coexistence, but even improving it with the inimitable and spontaneous atmosphere that is generated only for a few hours in this improvised venue.

This has become one of the main and most interesting venues in Ireland, and it is the place where every band in town wants to perform. Since the first time the Canadian singer-song writer Blair Packham played here, hundreds of acts have already performed, such as Gavin Glass, Duke Special, David Geraghty (of Bell X1 fame), Molly Sterling, Mundy, The Hot Sprockets and many more. Even Michael Stipe, REM singer, was a visitor to this alternative spot last time he was in Dublin.

“More Than a Barbershop” is a short documentary which captures what is happening in this small corner of Dublin, tells how this mad idea started and developed, and explains how this place has become an icon in the Irish Music scene.

A film by: Fernando Otero Perandones and Xandru Fernández Ramírez


  • Do your thing’ written and performed by Johnny Stewart
  • Need to know (if you were mine)’ written and performed by Blair Packham © 2013 No. 1 Imperfects {SOCAN}
  • Bitch please’ written and performed by Carly Coonagh
  • Little miss Sunshine’ written and performed by Johnny Stewart
  • One-hit wonder’ written and performed by Blair Packham © 2014 No. 1 Imperfects {SOCAN}

Graphic design: Raquel Fernández & David Blanco

English subtitles & other tasks: Ronan O’Neill

Spanish subtitles: Lorena Pezzino

Tripods: Paul Powers & Alberto Badiola

Memory man: Darragh O’Toole

Special thanks to:

Federico Badiola, Darren Behan, Lucas Fernández, Maika Fernández, Tito Fernández, Rocío González, Aoife Gowen, Aisling Hamilton, Dennis Hermann, Ray Kennerney, Daniel Millán, Eric Murray, Owen O’Shaughnessy, Temple Lane Studios, Ana Ortiz, Alba Otero, Jacobo G. Polledo, Fernando Ramos, Angie Ribas and Abel Ubach.

Original title: More than a barbershop

Directors: Xandru Fernández Ramírez and Fernando Otero Perandones

Running time: 18 min.

Color: Color and Black and white

Format: Full HD 1920 x 1080

Frame rate: 25 p

Original language: English

Year: 2016

Country: Ireland – Spain

Genre: Music documentary

Locations: Dublin, Ireland.

Official site: www.visualizo.com/1844TimesProjects